About The Book


Transformative Meditation is a guide of multidimensional healing journeys to assist others in releasing what no longer serves them, empowering them with tools to create the life of their heart’s desire to embody more love, joy and peace through all aspects of their lives. Wisdom and experiences from Glenda’s transformational journey are also shared to assist others on their path of awakening, raise their level of consciousness, integrate body, mind and spirit and be more connected to the infinite present moment of now.

In this book, you will be guided to:

  1. A) heal and empower your relationship to yourself and therefore All aspects of your life;
  2. B) receive empowering activations to assist you on your journey;
  3. C) live from your heart space and manifest your heart’s desire;
  4. D) experience more love, joy and peace through All aspects of your life;
  5. E) through your transformation, help your loved ones heal too;
  6. F) connect with your angels and guides and animals to receive messages;

Transformative Meditation is a transformational guide to help a person find their inner truth, walk the path to their destination and to be inspired on their spiritual journey.

Through Glenda’s experiences of life, she has shared her wisdom, knowledge and personal transformation to help guide others to action. Let your heart do your talking, let your soul do your walking. This action is the most important aspect of each of our journeys. Glenda has provided teachings, techniques and shared wisdom to provide a manual for human growth and connection.


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